This course will fully certify you to dive WORLDWIDE

Picture of students in the pool

Your Scuba Diver Course may be completed in only two weekends. Class size is limited. Please call the shoppe for current pricing. The cost includes course materials and use of scuba equipment (BCD, regulator, cylinder, weight belt, and wetsuit). You must supply personal equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, booties, and logbook), which may be purchased in the store and you may apply your student discount. The cost of personal gear is typically between $150-$250 or you may supply approved personal gear from other sources.

The course material takes 10-12 hours of home study and the final exam. This must be completed BEFORE your first weekend at the pool and continuing on to your open water dives. A Medical Release may be required from your doctor depending on health issues.

Pool work is scheduled the first weekend for Saturday 8am–5pm . Some Sunday pool time may be required, but not normally. The second weekend consists of four scuba dives over two days (typically Saturday and Sunday) to complete your certification. The scheduled times for Saturday and Sunday are 8am–3pm. These dives normally take place at The Scuba Ranch at Clear Springs (formerly Clear Springs Scuba Park) in Terrell, Texas (approximately 1 1/4 hours east of Grapevine). SRCS collects a daily fee of $20 and air fills are $10 (credit cards are now accepted). You should plan on bringing all your scuba gear, a cooler with food and drink, lounge chair, towel, tarp and sunscreen. Follow this link for Lake Instructions.

Picture of the Grapevine SCUBA pavilion at Clear Springs You will be responsible for picking up your scuba equipment either Thursday or Friday at the store and returning it rinsed and clean on Monday. A $50 cleaning charge will be assessed for equipment returned not cleaned. Once your scuba dives are completed, you will be issued a temporary certification. Your permanent card should arrive at the store in about one week. Once all information is verified as correct, you will be notified to pick up your card.

Some individuals may wish to do their classroom and pool work here and complete their checkout dives while on vacation. Cost for this procedure is $250 and you still supply your own personal gear. Be aware that checkout dives at resort locations can cost as much as a full course here in the states. Check this out as part of your vacation plans. Others may be bringing a referral for work done elsewhere and need completion of their course work. These prices vary depending on what work is required. Check with the store for availability. Four checkout dives for certification is $200 and includes the scuba equipment needed, but not personal gear or park fees/expenses.


The 2021 class schedule is now available here:

2021 Class Schedule
September 18 September 25-26
October 2 October 9-10 (cw)
October 16 October 23-24
November 13 November 20-21
NOTE: (cw) denotes Chuckwagon weekends where food is available for purchase on site.